Today I visited a truly inspirational sight……

Last year, the riots of London were all over the news. Croydon, my home town, was one of the areas effected. Fires were rife through the town causing devastation to many.  We are far enough away not to have suffered any loss or damage, but close enough that our house stunk of smoke & burning through that night & the next day.  Our cars were covered with a thin layer of ash too!

A landmark of Croydon was destroyed. Ok it was a furniture shop, but everyone knew it.


Its a year on from the fire. They had 2 buildings.  The surviving building is now an inspiration.


The entire building is completely.covered in personal messages from people all over the country.


I was touched as I looked at them all….a real sense of community is still alive!

There are still plenty of good people in this world & to me, this building is letting them shine. X