I went for lunch with a friend today.  We met several years ago when he started working for me.  We’ve both moved on to different jobs since, but have kept in touch.

Today, we went to a local pub. As I scoured the menu for the best deal he just laughed at me.  He found it hilarious that I was checking out every single special deal & choosing which one I wanted.  He went on to explain that that was one of the things he thought he was great about me. I earn shedloads, yet I still hunt out a bargain!! I’m “keeping it real” he says!!

Ok. Lets get a few things straight.  I don’t earn shedloads! Granted I do earn more than him as I am a few grades above him, but I would class my salary as healthy! I wish it was shedloads!

Also, regardless of how much I earn, I’m not going to waste it!!! Why wouldn’t I go for the bargain??? Not going for it seems odd to me, not the other way round!!!

We went on to enjoy our lunch. 

On the way back to the office we had to pop into the small supermarket.  As my friend was paying he was asked for his loyalty card. He didn’t have one, so I didn’t waste a blink of an eye in getting mine out!!! When he asked why I bother collecting points I explained how those points transferred into air miles & that those babies were going to pay for my next holiday!!

Yet again, I didn’t help my cause in being tight. But, its got to be done!

So, I managed to get myself a Scrooge reputation this lunch time….I’m not going to change! Who out there doesn’t want something for nothing??? If there is someone who doesn’t…..I’ll have your share!!!