I’ve never been sure about whether I am superstitious or not.  I won’t walk under a ladder….and would be petrified if I broke a mirror.  But, I don’t care if a black cat walks across my path.  Friday the 13th doesn’t bother me too much either (although we were burgled on that day once!).

I don’t know about anywhere else in world, but here in the UK there is a big thing about drains too.  Triple drains to be precise.  Apparently they are unlucky too.








This is a completely unwritten superstition – I can’t find much on the internet about triple drains – other than plumbing information!  Triple drains are unlucky – double are lucky.  If you walk over triple drains you can only cancel that bad luck out by walking over double drains.

Every morning I walk into work.  It is fairly much one long straight road and it can be quite busy in the morning.  As I walk down, I can observe some people walking almost twice the distance necessary because of how far they walk out of their way to avoid these triple drains.

Its hilarious.  We are talking people from all walks of life – mums pushing buggies, teenagers and even men in suits.  I’ve really noticed it the last couple of days and each day it is making me chuckle more and more.

It depends on what day it is as to whether I care about whether I walk on the triple drains or not.  Some days I like to walk on them just to prove the point they aren’t unlucky.  But I may be wrong about that.  Maybe that is why we’ve been unlucky enough not to conceive. Maybe I’ve jinxed us completely.  I better find a street of double drains quick time to try and cancel it all out!

Is there anywhere else in the world that has this same silly superstition?? Are we alone on this?  I bet someone started it all as a joke!  Maybe I’ll try that too – will it work?? From now on – maybe its unlucky to brush your hair with your left hand while looking in a mirror!  Think it will catch on?!?!