I’ve been smiling most of this evening.  Why? Because me and my girls have arranged dinner.  Its not even that dinner was tonight……but having that to look forward to made my day.

Don’t get me wrong – my best friend is my husband and all that jazz, but no man can do what your girlfriends do.

We refer to ourselves as the Fab Four.  There are a few others that drift around the peripherals, floating in and out as they please, but there are four of us that are strong and tight.  If we are going to dinner – there will always be us four – and then we might have that fifth or sixth addition when it suits.

We are all friends from school.  Two of the Fab Four I’ve know since I was three years old! We’ve known each other almost all of our lives.  There was a gap though.  A couple left my school at the end of primary school and at the end of senior school we had all gone our different ways.  We went about our own lives without a second thought.

Then – 15 years later (or in some cases 20 – ouch when did I get old enough to say that?!?) it all changed.  Facebook came along!  The first time we all got together was 3 years ago.  Since then, and I mean literally since that day, I have spoken to at least one or other of them every week (apart from when on holiday).

We laugh, we fight and we cry together.  We’ve been through each others divorces, babies (and lack of) and every other drama life can throw at us.  Because we’ve known each other since we were so little, its all so easy, so natural.  I know that outside of my family – these are the people I run to.  Sometimes I go to them before my family!  They don’t judge, there are no grudges, they are always there.

And I love them – and they love me.  Its even more special for me, because they are not my family.  They are not related.  They don’t have to love me – they have chosen to.

You know when you were little and all of your parents friends were ‘Aunties and Uncles’?  I had several of those such aunties and uncles.  For some, it was only recently that I realised they were just friends and weren’t family.  Some of their kids, I still refer to as cousins – not just family friends – and thats how we introduced each other to our husbands all years ago.   These girls are that for me – friends so close that my children won’t realise until they are older that they aren’t blood relatives.  Cousins that aren’t really cousins but always will be in their eyes.  I can’t wait until that time.  I want my children to have memories of being up in bed hearing their aunties all downstairs giggling away over some cocktails.  I want them to keep trying to sneak down the stairs to join in the fun.

One day………one day……….