My first post using the wordpress app on my phone……I hope this works!!

Don’t you find its always those unplanned evenings that end up being the best? Last night (naughty me with it being a school night!) was one of those nights.  It all started with a throw away comment on facebook – happy birthday!


It was to wish a cousin a great day. “Why don’t you pop over, I’ve put some jerk chicken on the bbq”. Done deal! We were there 10 minutes later.


A couple of bottles of wine, a bottle of Vodka & a bottle of Brandy later….some were a little worse for wear!!!

We just had a giggle though. Being with family is the best. Its with these people that I can truly relax & enjoy the simple things. If I’m going to make a prat out of myself, it might as well be with these guys. In fact with our family, you’re not normal if you don’t!!! Its what fuels our conversations until the next ‘event’!

Laughter truly is the best medicine.  I went to bed grinning from ear to ear – well almost. I had a slight panic just as I got into bed that I
was going to have a major hangover for work the next day!! After downing a quick pint of water to help the cause, my grin re-appeared as I remembered a silly comment or stumble!

I love having a big family!!!