Whoopdie Doo. Well, that was my first reaction.  And second, third and fourth for that matter.

There has been hype about the Olympics for the last 4 years.  It was just another sporting event that I had little interest in.  I didn’t apply for tickets.  I didn’t volunteer to assist.  I had no interest.

Until……Tuesday happened.  A friend was an official Olympic Torch bearer.  So we thought….’Yeah, we’ll go support him.  There might not be many people there, so show a bit of support to make him feel better’.  WRONG!

As we started making our way down the route to get to the right section – the streets were packed.  They were lined with flags and decorations.

People lined the streets waving their free discs or inflatables.  The atmosphere was pure exitement.  And it was contagious.  Except to my 6 year old nephew anyway!

As we waited for the ‘flame’ to go by, I started thinking of the significance of the flame and the whole tradition.  I realised how much this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day in the end.  And we have a picture of my nephew holding the torch! Hopefully something he will appreciate when he is older.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to experience a similar thing in the years to come.  I am glad that I took the time out for this.  Life is too short to think something better will come along.  Grab those opportunities as they come along – they may not come again!

So, go Team GB!  Enjoy the magnitude of the event. Whether you win or lose, its the taking part that counts! (apologies – classic cliches over!)