Do you ever get that feeling you have too much clutter around you?

That’s just how I am feeling at the moment!

We recently went on a month long holiday (yes I know – lucky us!). Being away for so long made me realise just how little I need most of the things I have!  So, I want to clear out the crap…..but……I’m a self-confessed hoarder too – which makes things all the more difficult!  I know I don’t need things, but…. IT MIGHT COME IN HANDY ONE DAY.  Come on now – I know I’m not the only one that says that about the silliest of things (I hope anyway).

So, my new best friend is ebay.  It eases the pain of getting rid of things if I make money out of it!  It really does work!  And the thrill of watching the bidding rise and rise, especially in those last seconds of auction – what a rush!

Hopefully, decluttering the home, means I can declutter the mind (that’s how it supposed to work right??).  And a happy mind means a happy body??  And all the other cliches you can think of.   Currently I have 2 pairs of mens sunglasses and a car tyre for sale – and after writing that – I realise I am just decluttering all my husbands things!!  Oooopsy!

On to rummage for more things (of his apparently) to sell!!

Happy Decluttering!