As with all things in life, this process has seemed like a roller coaster.  Sometimes it can feel like there are more downs than ups, but you just have to pick yourself up and climb back up to the top.

Today was a good day.  Another doctors appointment for my husband and yet again more tests.  BUT, although there was nothing new – just the fact that my husband went (yet again) and agreed to more tests (yet again) helps me believe he wants this just as much as me and is in this with me.  Its nice not to feel alone.

If this ever happens for us, I’ll be proud to explain to our child how he/she was born out of love and this journey proves how much they were wanted (not saying that those conceived any other way aren’t loved!).

So – yes – today was a good day.  And it has a knock on effect.  I feel grateful and overwhelmed for all the blessings in my life I have already.

Enjoy the roller coaster of life!!