I have little troubles in my life, which always seem to escalate into what I think are major problems that will stop my world from turning.

I need to keep things in perspective and see the bigger picture to give me the strength and courage to remain positive when dealing with any little trouble…..

My biggest ‘little trouble’ right now – I want a baby.  Its not happened in 5 years of trying, so will it ever happen?

I don’t want to burden friends and family with all the woes and worries – but if I share them on here, I say it only once and hope I may help others.  I know I’m not the only one to go through these things, and feel what I feel.  And I know there are others a lot worse off than I am – so I wanted to start this to keep myself positive, and help anyone else who reads this who might be in a similar situation to do the same.

Not sure how little or often I’ll be blogging – but hey – this is like free therapy…..right?!?!